Seal of the Sand Dweller

I LOVED this story of Joseph in Egypt and will try and do it the justice it deserves in this review.

I was engaged from the first page until the last and couldn't put it down.

Filled with rich detail, this gripping story moves right along. I forgot about the words on the screen and was immersed in the scenes filling my mind's eye. The historic details were accurate as far as is possible. Those well versed in scripture will delight in the depths portrayed yet never bludgeoned upon the reader. This is not a book that is full of overt religious pontification. You wouldn't know it was thoroughly Bible based unless you know the Bible. The author has definitely studied her topic both in Egyptology and in the history of the Hebrews.

Yoseph arrives in King Khakheperre's court as a slave facing death. In a twist of fate he wins a reprieve by interpreting the king's dream. When his words come to pass, an unwilling Yoseph is appointed vizier over all the land yet his rule is contested and his life in constant danger. With the stink and stench of slavery still hanging around his person and the powers within the court pitted to take him down, will an unflinching integrity save him? Will the god of his fathers reach out a protective hand and save him from the lying lips of a courtesan and the whispered evil of the high priest? Or will his blood soak into the sands of Egypt like that of so many others.

I will never read Joseph's story the same way again and look forward to reading more about Zaphenath Panea and Lady Asenat. Please, Regina, don't stop writing. You've made these scriptures come alive for me and I enjoyed every second of it.

A really great read that I would recommend to those who love history, Egyptology, action, adventure and epic sagas. For those who enjoy Christian fiction, add this to your list - it's one of the best.

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