Medieval YA Coming of age fantasy

Agata, Princess of Iberia

Do you like transformation stories where the character develops dramatically over the course of the book? Do you like strong female characters and relationships? This book contains both.

Young Agata is kept inside the palace her entire young life but no one takes any interest in her except for her nurse, Baba Gu. It is a benign neglect and Agata prefers it this way as she is terrified of her father, the King.

She adores watching the royal, half wild hounds from her high, lonely window and has a particular favourite, Q'ursha (Georgian mythological hound). She makes a new friend in one of the Royal Guards and this individual helps her escape when Marauder warriors belonging to General Kazan breach the palace walls.

Can you imagine her terror when she finds herself alone, out in the wild forest with a young boy to look after? It is cold and rain is coming and she gets very hungry very quickly.

Other female survivors trickle into the sheltered overhang and among them is her Royal Guard friend who's secret is revealed.

Thus begins Agata's transformation from scared young girl into the leader her women and younger brother need.

She must use all her wits and intelligence to avoid the fierce warrior, General Kazan, who discovers that not only has a member of the Iberian royal family survived but whispers of her existence stirs rebellion among the people.

His grip on the country begins to slip and with it his hopes of returning to his own country and people. He is determined to find the princess.

Agata doesn't want to lead the country she just wants to live in peace. Neither wish will come easily if at all.

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