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Have you heard of the warrior princess who was never defeated in wrestling? Her name was Khutulun and she was the great granddaughter of Ghengis Khan. She had 14 brothers and grew up in a clan that valued physical ability, valour and bravery.

Khutulun was born to Kaidu Khan somewhere around the year 1206. Her father, Kaidu Khan, treated her more like a favourite son than a domestic daughter. She was allowed to pursue masculine pursuits such as riding, hunting and training in warfare. Khutulun accompanied her father everywhere even in battle and she grew famous for her physical prowess.

Her greatest fame came through her wrestling abilities. This girl could beat them all and she cunningly warded off unwanted marriage proposals by issuing the challenge to would be suitors, "defeat me and I will marry you but if I defeat you one hundred horses will be my prize."

Khutulun accumulated thousands of horses and therefore, great wealth.

Read more about this amazing woman here.

She was portrayed by Claudia Kim in the Netflix series, Marco Polo.

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