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Hello Friends,

What stunning times we're living in. I can't believe that the whole country - the whole World is in a pandemic crisis situation. The unheaval to normal life is really starting to have its effect. I've found it harder to concentrate on things, harder to get out and exercise by myself now and its been really hard to settle in to writing.

So my goal is to set myself down over the weekend and Begin. I want to start concentrating on doing the 'normal' things from my 'before life' as much as I can. It is still important to work on fitness, its still important to go outside and enjoy fresh air and it is Very Important to keep some space set aside for creativity.

Writing I've always enjoyed writing. It's cathartic in many ways but, I don't know about you, but Inner Resistance keeps me from reaping the rewards of this soothing undertaking. The time flickers away while I just check my twitter, facebook, news feed etc. Yet this simple half hour to an hour could have granted me a wonderful sense of accomplishment had I sternly told myself to knuckle under and Write!

Maybe for you, it is something else that gives that joy; gardening, painting, reading, sewing, the list goes on but it is these things that too easily get put aside for so called 'more important' things.

My love for writing began a looong time ago. I wrote avidly as a young teen but stopped when advised that I needed 'life experience' before I could write. I don't really agree with that now, but it was many years before I began writing again. I had a few dabbles but the writing bug really hit me after watching the Hunger Games movie - of all things! Having young children made it difficult to justify the time for writing but I found my window of time and applied myself to using it diligently. Now I have my beautiful book, Agata, Princess of Iberia. What a lovely feeling it is to hold my own real, solid book in my hands.

Its surprising how much can be accomplished in one hour if you don't let yourself get distracted. This happens to me a lot as there is necessary historical research and I find some pretty amazing historical rabbit trails! ​ History is stranger than fiction. One fun rabbit trail led me to the interesting tale of robber baron Erazem Lueger. Erazem grew up in a cool, medieval castle built into the side of a cliff and partially in the mouth of a cave. Predjama Castle, set high in the rockface with the land falling steeply away and a complex cave system lying behind, was the perfect impregnable castle. ​ Which is just as well, because Erazem was hot-headed and got himself in dire trouble with Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick III. He came to blows with a guy for insulting a deceased friend. Unfortunately, the other man died and to escape retribution from the Emperor, Erazem fled to Predjama Castle and barricaded himself in.

He kept the Emperor's men at bay and flung cherries at them to demonstrate his ample food supplies. The truth was that Erazem had secret tunnels through the mountain and through these he brought in supplies. Water was also plentiful. The seige went on for a year until the Emperor's men managed to bribe Erazem's valet. The legend goes that Erazem was killed by a cannon whilst going to the toilet. When Erazem was enthroned, his treacherous man gave the enemy the signal to fire.

Thus came about the end of Erazem Lueger, a robber baron who allegedly stole from the rich and gave to the poor and ultimately met an undignified end. Predjama Castle today is a popular

Pedjarma Castle today is a popular tourist attraction. It was used as the castle featured in the 1986 movie Armour of God starring Jackie Chan.

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Agata, Princess of Iberia is going great. My favourite thing to do every day (okay, several times a day) is to check my Amazon page. It's amazing and wonderful that people all over the world are reading it. I'm editing my other work in progress, currently titled Sambeth, Primordial (subject to change - you've got to give it a name along the way even if the final title is different!). ​

Finally, I wish you all good health, physical and mental. Stay safe, stay creative.


Emma ​ ​ ​

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