I want to share some music with you

Hello fellow readers and writers,

I hope that you're welcoming the easing of lockdown restrictions. In my home in Queensland, Australia, the corona virus has been stopped in its tracks. We've had a very good slow-down of this nasty affliction and so our government is allowing moderate interaction and the re-opening of certain businesses.

As for me, I'm slowly working out a new writing routine. Right now I'm writing a bathing scene in the sequel to Agata, Princess of Iberia. My research suggests that, contrary to popular belief, people in medieval times did bathe frequently.

I've also been pondering the role of music in setting the atmosphere, both for writing and for reading. I have music on for both activities although for very different reasons.

For reading, I like to listen to something that I'm familiar with and that is peaceful enough not to distract me from the story. I think it helps me settle my mind into reading rather than getting distracted by what is going on around me.

As for writing, well this varies a Lot! Music becomes a writing tool, part of setting the scene and/or atmosphere. The Agata books have a medieval setting; there are fight scenes, scenes of great drama and poignant, sad scenes all set in the backdrop of a time very different to our own.

Here is one of my current favourites:

Jonna Jinton's Wolf Song - this gives me an atmospheric, magical feel and the Swedish landscape is breathtaking. All of Jonna's videos are stunning.

Looking for something historical to read? Or something with a magical touch? Here are a bunch of free/almost free books or samples with cover art and blurbs for you to browse. Click on the banner below to see the selection.

Last of all, I hope things are going well for you and that life is getting back on track. If you need a great historical read to transport you to another world, check out Agata Princess of Iberia. It has four and five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Available at Amazon by clicking the image below!

Take care,


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