Fascinated by Making Chain Mail Armor

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Family Buenen are keeping busy with an absorbing project - making chain mail.

Reading Agata, Princess of Iberia aloud to my children re-ignited a passion for making chain mail.

I'm so happy they've found something to do!

Fired up with enthusiasm and inspiration, they have started a coif (head piece) and hauberk (shirt). It has kept them busy for hours every day this week. Hours of making little metal links and joining them together. 🤨

Items used:

1. a coil of wire (plus a drill, pliers and hammer)

2. drill - to twist the wire until it resembles a Slinky

3. tool to snip the wire Slinky into open circles (links)

4. pliers to close the links and to attach together (almost like joining crochet loops)


Youtube videos to watch:

Flynntastic: How to Make Chain Mail​

Ironskin: How to Make Riveted Chain Mail​

I hope everyone is keeping busy and happy during this Easter period.

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