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Defying Inner Resistance

Getting in the zone for writing is one of the most important processes I do. There is this never-ending battle with inner resistance to actually getting started. I can check all my social platforms, read the news and find that my time is half over. So, I've developed a simple strategy.

I get my earbuds and listen to a writing playlist on Spotify. I love this picture titled 'Red' by Eventrue. It reminds me that Agata is an aristocratic girl with character - and there is more to her than meets the eye. Then I tell myself that I must write, even if it is terrible (or worse, boring!). Once I get started, the resistance falls away and the words come.

I'm so excited about the sequel. The words are flowing! In the last writing session, I achieved 2,244. Its been tricky finding writing slots and some sessions have only realised 170 words, 300-ish words etc. To finally start hitting bigger numbers is awesome. The manuscript is at 88,331 and I'm thinking that 30,000 more should wrap it up (then it will be cut, cut, cut during editing.)

For you: an early book sale

Most of the books in this promotion are on sale right now. (Disclaimer: My focus is on clean stories of adventure and drama featuring women but I don't have control over which books are part of promotion bundles. Some may fall outside this description.)

Click on the banner to go to the promotion page ;)

See you in my next newsletter, going out around March 6th. Time to get back to the writing :)

P.S. tap the heart if you're looking forward to Agata's sequel.

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