Brief Author Journey

Every writer and author has a unique path, often twisty, in their journey to publication. Recently, I read how much people enjoyed hearing snippets of how other real people, from all walks of life became writers. So I've decided to put a brief one here - and would love to hear yours!

I grew up in a great big mudbrick home near Ballarat, Australia and enjoyed a childhood with my two great loves - horses and reading. In my young teens I wrote and wrote and wrote. My little sister loved my stories however, sad was the day when I showed them to an adult. I got 'good' advice - you can't write until you have life experience and therefore, something to write about. To my young brain the logic was sound and I decided that, since there was no point writing until later in life, I would quit. I took my stories and shoved them into the wood burner accompanied by my sister's cries of rage and anguish. And I never wrote again, except for university assignments. After travelling and studying, I met my husband and we drove around Australia in a bright orange kombi van for about a year. It was the best adventure. It wasn't until about 2012 that I suddenly got bitten by the writing bug again and it bit deep! I discovered that I still loved writing. I am so thankful for the internet. Youtube and ebooks have brought so much knowledge within my reach. I learned, step-by-step how to write a novel, from plotting or pantsing/writing an outline to beginning/middles and ends to tying in all the plot details and answering the question of the story. I wrote Agata, Princess of Iberia which has 5 star good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and now I'm preparing Sambeth, Primordial. It is a long novel and after great feedback from beta readers, I'm busy transforming it into a three or four part series. The plan is to share several chapters here as I'm polishing up the first part of the series for publication. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. Drop me a line about your story. I would love to hear it. Stay safe, Emma

P.S. To this day my sister refuses to read my stuff. She claims she's still scarred!

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