2021 Imagine, Plan, Do

Hello from Queensland, Australia!

Welcome to my newsletter, I'm so pleased you're here. Flourish is my chosen word for this year. I want to do better than scrape through by the skin of my teeth, I want to Nail It -


A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up in Ballarat - a very cold, former gold-rush city in Victoria, Australia. In my day it was hovering between industry (hello Mars factory and IBM centre) and becoming a university town. In earlier times (1854) the spirit of rebellion against our British overlords flared and spilled over. The Eureka Stockade was built and a fight for democracy took place.

Today I've abandoned the cold and live in sunny Queensland with my husband and family, a recently bereaved guinea pig with patches and a curly-haired, writing companion called Min.

About Writing

There is something magical in writing. I loved writing Agata, Princess of Iberia. The soaring mountains and clear, sharp air was a wonderful backdrop for Agata's epic fight for her own life, the lives of her friends and the future of the Kingdom.

I'm making it free for a limited time in return for an honest review.

An epic fantasy novella from Cara Witter. This prequel to the Five Lands Saga absolutely free.

In Australia, we are at the end of our long, summer break. Schools restarted yesterday and the wheels of motion are grinding into action. On the break we built a wall, about 60ft of wooden fence, and now I have a nice, secret garden where I can sit, read and enjoy a lovely, peaceful cuppa. Do you have a special place to read? There are many books listed in the banners below for you to explore.

A wonderful banner from list curator, Laura Winter. She has put together a fantastic group of books that are available for no cost in return for an honest review. Helping indie authors compete with the big publishers is a great way to circumnavigate the gate keepers.

I love YA fiction. Its so full of bold adventure, hopes and dreams. My own book - Agata, Princess of Iberia, is a Young Adult medieval epic adventure, set in the ancient Kingdom of Iberia in Transcaucasia.

The same glorious banner from Laura but listing different books!

I hope all is well with you and yours,

Emma Buenen

P.S. I had a little trouble with the links here and tried a resend - could you let me know if you have any trouble. Thank you!

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