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Daughter of the Wolfhead

She is the granddaughter of Vax'tang Gorgasil - the Wolfhead.

Agata was sixteen when vengeful, Khazar marauders entered her city through stealth and betrayal. They slew the royal family and many of Iberia's nobles. Striving to live up to her grandfather's formidable reputation, she survived, she forged an army of women and nearly took the country back.


Forced to flee, Agata finds herself cooped up in her uncle's fortress with all her hard won freedoms denied to her. Prince Ren gives his niece just one choice - marry for the sake of the kingdom but the potential grooms are twisted and evil.


When Viyan scales the side of the fortress and slips into the princess's room unseen, Agata is ripe for rebellion.


In a tale of courage and adventure, Agata blazes a trail through her country to start a war with General Kazan. What she discovers will challenge everything she holds dear.

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