Agata, Princess of Iberia
Courage, daring and adventure. In a time where the sword determines the destiny of many, one girl defies her fate.
Poised to join the order of her beloved Abbess, Princess Agata's hopes are shattered when warriors of the Marauder people attack after decades of absence.
Agata escapes sword and fire and flees into the wilderness with a concubine's son and a half-wild black hound.
Marauders spread across Iberia searching for the missing princess and the female survivors look to a reluctant Agata to lead them.
With the enemy cutting a swathe of terror across the kingdom, time is running out. 
As winter snows approach, Agata believes her struggle for survival depends on finding food, shelter and escaping the Marauder warlord, General Kazan, but a powerful traitor may be her final undoing.
Agata, Princess of Iberia is a fast paced, young adult adventure. Those who enjoy believable characters in a medieval setting that includes both the palaces of nobility and the wild, rugged mountains of Caucasia, will love this book.
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Rise of the Earthborn

Coming soon
​A shadow has hung over Sambeth all her life; is she of pure human blood or an human/angelic hybrid?
Forced to flee for her life into the Endless Forest, she snatches a noble girl from the clutches of the Earthborn - Altor, third son of the terrifying Proximus.
With the help of her flying shimerith, Sambeth escapes and meets Sem and his family. Together, they defy the rule of the Fallen Ones and try to save mankind from extinction.